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SPECS network opticians are family-friendly. They are experienced in looking after the different needs of people of all ages.

Looking after young children’s eye health can be a difficult as communication is less straightforward than with adults. Children’s eyes and sight change very quickly. So our opticians are tuned-in to meet these challenges.

As we get older, our vision and needs change. SPECS network opticians are experts in recognising and dealing with this. Whether you need varifocal lenses or more regular check ups because of health problems, your optician is there for you.

Why not download yourself copy of our guide Eyecare Through the Ages to find out more about eye health at your stage of life?

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It is important to look after your eyes from birth to old age and at every stage in between. Take a journey through the ages of eyecare for tips on how to best care for your eyes and vision through all life’s stages

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