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Night Driving Glasses

Stay safe on the roads. Look after your eyes and wear the right lenses.

Choosing The Right Lenses For Night Driving

Drive safely and in comfort

According to RoSPA, 40% of road collisions happen in the dark. The biggest problems are low levels of contrast and dazzle. As winter nights start to draw in, it’s especially important to make sure that you are prepared and to minimise the risks.

There is lots of poor advice out there, and various products on sale which claim to improve your vision when driving at night. Do you know if yellow–tinted lenses are the answer? Or blue interior lights?

To help cut through the myths and confusion, here are some practical and reliable hints and tips for safe night driving from SPECS network:

Never wear sunglasses when driving at night. Reducing the amount of light getting to your eyes just makes it harder to see what is going on and can be extremely dangerous.

Keep your windscreen clean inside and outside. A dirty and smudged windscreen reduces the levels of light and makes dazzle worse.

Keep your headlights clean. Even a little dirt on the lights can seriously reduce illumination and visibility.

Don’t use blue night driving lights for your car interior. These are promoted as a way to reduce glare at night from oncoming vehicle headlights. But they do that by causing your pupils to contract. That reduces the already limited amount of light reaching your eyes, making it harder to see the road properly. Therefore, we do not recommend these products. Instead, we suggest professionally applied anti-glare coatings on your lenses as a safer and more effective solution.

Get your eyes checked by an optician. Conditions such as short-sigthedness, astigmatism, cataracts, and age-related problems such as presbyopia make night driving even more difficult. So, be safe and make sure you get a checkup and advice from a professional like your nearest SPECS network optician.

If you wear glasses, glare can be a real problem when driving at night. The latest generation of anti-reflection coated lenses can make an enormous difference. By reducing the reflection of light these coatings allow more light to pass through to the eye so vision is clearer, especially at night. They also help to reduce dazzle and glare.

Get Your Eyes Tested Regularly
1 in 4 drivers in the UK have not had their eyes tested in the last two years.

Don’t put your life and others at risk. Use our Locator to find your nearest SPECS network optician and get that eye test booked.