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The Eyebrights

Eye health and fashion in the daily life of the Eyebright family

Meet the Eyebright family!

The Eyebright family understand how valuable healthy eyes and good vision are. That’s why the Eyebrights choose a SPECS network optician.
Saffy Eyebright

Saffy Eyebright

Bruno Eyebright

Bruno Eyebright

Gray Eyebright

Gray Eyebright

Jade Eyebright

Jade Eyebright

Saffy Eyebright

Age: 38

Status: Married to Bruno

Children: Jade and Gray

Eye colour: Blue

Hobbies and interests: Saffy is super sporty. Her main participation sports are squash, badminton & swimming.

SPECS network advice for Saffy: Eye protection should be considered at all times for squash and badminton. Read how Saffy’s SPECS network optician helped with protective sports glasses. In the UK there are an estimated 15,000 eye injuries per year from playing squash. If sight correction is required, contact lenses may be preferred to spectacles for sports participation although a range of sports spectacles and goggles that incorporate the spectacle prescription are available.

Bruno Eyebright

Age: 41

Status: Married to Saffy

Children: Jade and Gray

Eye colour: Brown

Hobbies and interests: Bruno is a car enthusiast and a high mileage driver. He is meticulous about his car. Bruno understands the importance of regular servicing and maintenance of his car to keep him safe on the road.

Bruno makes sure he visits his SPECS network optician every 18 months for a DVLA eye examinationFind out more.

SPECS network advice for Bruno: Increasing traffic and improved car performance mean that good vision for driving has never been more important.

Just like regular maintenance for the car it is vital to keep a regular check on your vision and eye health. Check out our advice on regular eye checks.

There are a number of excellent sun spectacles that have been developed with special filters for specific driving conditions and many of the technologies are also available in corrective spectacle lenses.

Some people find that their vision is less comfortable when driving at night and therefore assistance may be required predominantly for this purpose.

Gray Eyebright

Age: 11

Siblings: sister, Jade

Eye colour: Grey

Hobbies and interests: Gray is crazy about TV and gaming. He is careful to take breaks from all that viewing.

SPECS network advice for Gray: Fast moving images and long spells of concentrated viewing are very challenging for your eyes. Remember to take regular breaks and relax your focus.

The introduction of HD and 3D effects has undoubtedly improved picture quality; however the benefits of the technology may be substantially reduced if your vision is not at its best.

Gray’s SPECS network optician also gave him a check up and advice that helped his performance at school.

Jade Eyebright

Age: 8

Siblings: brother, Gray

Eye colour: Green

Hobbies and interests: Taking after her mum Jade is already a keen member of the local Tennis club.

SPECS network advice for Jade: Spending lots of time outdoors it is important to consider sun protection for the eyes. Look for the CE marking on sunglasses.

A number of corrective lens options are available with in built protection from harmful UV rays. Advice from Jade’s SPECS network optician helped improve her tennis game.

Regular eye examinations are important throughout school years while the eyes are developing and as the amount of studying increases.


Age: 3

Breed: Terrier

Eye colour: Amber

Hobbies and interests: Fetching the ball!

SPECS network advice for Rusty: The family are always so busy; take your lead to Grandma and Grandpa Eyebright, that’s your best chance of a being taken for a W.A.L.K!

The Eyebrights on Film

Take a look at our collection of videos featuring the Eyebright family.
Meet the Eyebrights!

Meet the Eyebrights

A short introduction to the Eyebright family.

Eyebrights: How are kids tested?

How are kids tested?

Have you ever wondered what happens when kids can’t read the letter chart in the eye test room? Saffy visits Perspective Opticians in Solihull to ask how kids’ eye tests are done.

The Eyebright's - Back To School

It’s Back to School Time!

Gray Eyebright visits Visual Answers in Loughborough to ask local teacher Katrina about how they’re preparing their students to look after their eyesight.

The Eyebrights: Is Eye Health Important at Work?

Is Eye Health Important at Work?

Bruno has a chat with Health & Safety Expert Michelle Hay about why we need to look after our eyes in the workplace.

The Eyebright's - What is Colorimetry?

What is Colorimetry?

Gray went along to Eyewise Opticians in Hillingdon to ask Harsh, the Optometrist, why people sometimes wear coloured lenses and to find out about the process of Colorimetry.

Eyebrights: What's Ortho-K?

What’s Ortho-K?

Did you know you can wear contact lenses overnight that correct your vision? Bruno visits Hodd Barnes and Dickins Opticians in London to ask Dispensing Optician Kwabena about illusive Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K lenses.

Eyebrights: My Eye Story

My Eye Story

Every pair of eyes has a story to tell. In this short film Saffy Eyebright asks shoppers in Stockport what their eye story is.

The Eyebright's: What's Retinal Photography?

What’s Retinal Photography?

Have you ever had a picture taken of your eye at the optician? Jade asks James from Arbuthnot Opticians in Barry about what really happens behind the camera.

The Eyebrights: Should kids wear sunglasses?

Should kids wear sunglasses?

It’s sunny Summer! Saffy visits Eyes on the Common in Ealing Common to ask dispensing optician Jeanne should kids wear sunglasses.

The Eyebrights: What's Glaucoma?

What`s Glaucoma?

The Eyebrights talk to Matt Anderson, an optometrist from Davis Optometrists with Lesley Arkin, about what glaucoma is and how you can tell that you might have it. In any case, if you`re concerned, get your eyes tested by your local independent optician!

National Eye Health Week 2017

National Eye Health Week 2017

Bruno talked to members of public about their eye health. Join the National Eye Health Week celebration on our website where you can read more about eye health!.