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Your Eyes Are Amazing

Take good care of them!

Welcome to our eyecare section where you will find interesting and useful information on looking after eyes and eyesight for you and your family. We have put together a useful collection of videos, questions and answers, downloadable guides, advice, and other resources.

If you still can’t find the answer to your questions here, you can contact us using our ask-an-optician form. We’ll send your query to your nearest SPECS network opticians for them to answer. We might even add the question and answer to the website (anonymised of course and only with your permission) for the benefit of others.

Looking for somewhere to start? Why not download Eyecare Through the Ages, our very popular and easy guide to how your eyes and their health change from childhood to old age?

Eyecare Information Leaflets

Check out our useful downloadable information leaflets on a range of eyecare issues.

Driving and Vision

Stay safe on the roads. Get your eyes tested and wear the right lenses. Find out more.

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Eyecare Through The Ages

It is important to look after your eyes from birth to old age and at every stage in between. Take a journey through the ages of eyecare for tips on how to best care for your eyes and vision through all life’s stages

Common eye problems

Information on a range of common eye conditions and problems.

Eye exams can save lives

Regular eye health checks with your optician can save your site or even your life.

Your questions answered

Frequently asked questions about eye health. Ask us a question of your own.

DIY and protecting your eyes

DIY activity is a major cause of avoidable eye injury. Read our advice and stay safe.

Yvonne’s Story

Yvonne’s experience shows why regular eye examinations are important. To find out what happened, watch our short film featuring Haroon, an optician, and his patient Yvonne.