Driving and Vision

Good Driver Eyesight Matters

  • Around 2,900 road casualties are caused by poor vision every year in the UK.
  • It's estimated that 2-3% of drivers don't meet the legal minimum standards for driving. And 12% of those who are required to wear glasses, admit that they sometimes drive without them.
  • In 2011, 5,916 drivers had their licence revoked for failing to meet minimum eyesight standards.
  • Did you know that you can lose 40% of your vision before noticing it?

Get Your Eyes Tested Regularly

1 in 4 drivers in the UK have not had their eyes tested in the last two years.

Don't put your life and others at risk. Use our Locator to find your nearest SPECS network optician and get that eye test booked.


Get The Right Glasses

Your optician can help you make sure you have the right glasses. For instance, anti-reflection lenses can be especially useful for night driving.

Why not keep a spare pair of glasses keep in the car so you are never without?

John Craven on Driving and Looking After Your Eyesight

Watch our short film with Dan Sanders (Optometrist & Director at Perspective Opticians in Solihull) in conversation about driving and the value of regular eye examinations with TV presenter John Craven.