Eyewear and lenses


For some people, the biggest decision when buying spectacles has traditionally concerned which frames to choose.

However, there are also huge variations in lenses, and SEIKO has been at the forefront of lens technology for almost fifty years.

From anti-reflective coatings to sophisticated varifocals, SEIKO has consistently led the way in delivering tomorrow's lens technology today.


Thin, Light and Clear Lenses

The slimmer your lenses, the wider your choice of suitable frames. Additionally, lighter lenses make spectacles more comfortable to wear, and greater clarity reduces eyestrain and discomfort. SEIKO combine all these elements together into one ground breaking product, which can be almost 50% thinner and lighter than conventional lenses.

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As our eyes age, their ability to focus over different distances diminishes, but SEIKO varifocal lenses can compensate for this, with advanced designs helping to prevent blurring and distortion. A single pair of spectacles can deliver clear vision at all distances, with a much wider field of view than some other varifocal lenses, helping you to see the bigger picture.

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SuperClean Coat

SEIKO has developed an anti-reflection coating for its lenses that almost totally eliminates reflections for a better appearance and far less visual interference, especially useful for driving at night. A fine coating on each lens helps to prevent anything sticking to it. SuperClean Coat repels water with ease, while grease and dirt can be removed at a stroke.


Transitions Lenses

SEIKO Transitions lenses eliminate the need to switch between spectacles and sunglasses. These ingenious lenses have an adaptive tint that reacts to ultraviolet light by darkening, to block out harmful UV rays. When you return indoors, the lenses become clear again, for sharp vision in all lighting conditions.

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