Eyewear fashion

Welcome to our fashion area! SPECS network opticians believe that choosing your specs is about quality and looks as well as making sure the prescription is right. Our opticians are all independent, so they can stock the frames that they think are best, not just the brands and designs that you find everywhere on the high street.

SPECS network fashion tips:

Choosing the right frames for your face


Go for rectangular frames, as they make your face appear wider. A semi-rimless pair will work best. Avoid round frames, as they will diminish your features. 


Try a vintage style in a medium-size: too big and it will shrink your face, too small and it will enlarge it, drawing attention away from your features. 


Choose frames that give your face structure and definition. Avoid thick frames and circular shapes, as these will make your face look large and undefined. Opt for angular or rectangular styles with a narrow frame. 


For this strongly defined facial shape, choose either oval or round frames. Thicker frames will work well as they help to give shape to the cheekbones. 


Rectangular frames will complement a triangular face shape. Alternatively, butterfly frames with a soft gradient will create a feminine shape. 


Heart-shaped faces already have a lot of natural definition, so your frames should bring out your jaw line and cheekbones. Achieve this with oval or square-shaped frames, thick, geometric frames, or cat eyes.