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Glaucoma is often described as the ‘silent thief of sight’ due to its gradual onset.  It affects 600,000 people in the UK and more than 64 million worldwide, making it the leading cause of irreversible blindness globally.

Frighteningly, an estimated 300,000 people in the UK don't know they have the condition. And yet, a routine eye examination by your local optician is usually all it takes to diagnose glaucoma. If the condition is caught early enough, permanent sight loss can be minimised.

In the build up to National Glaucoma Awareness Week (12 - 18 June 2017), SPECS network opticians are encouraging everyone to get an eye examination if they haven't had one in the last two years, if they are worried about their sight, or if they have any of the risk factors for glaucoma.

To help spread the message about glaucoma and the importance of eye tests, we're running a free draw with a brilliant iPad for the lucky winner. 

You can find out more about National Glaucoma Awareness week and about glaucoma here.


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